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As usual, apologies for the late replies. Been sick and travelling, if that counts for valid excuses. Here go the answers, scores

1. The average American watches a lot of football and often dissects the whys and hows of an American football game once it is done with. The ritual is performed after a Sunday night game and hence originates this term, which is used in American sports journalism to describe "the practice of offering advice/criticism, in retrospect, concerning decisions made by others."

#Monday Morning Quarterbacking.

2. The rendering of gun salutes in odd numbers may be traced back to the superstition that odd numbers were considered lucky. Seven gun salutes were popular until the 1700s. On 16 November, 1776, the Continental US Navy ship Andrew Doria, rendered a 13 gun salute. In 1810, the salute was defined by the War Department to 17 gun shots. In 1842, the Presidential Salute was formally established to 21 guns. Why were these changes in the number of gun shots necessitated?

#The number of shots were to reflect the number of states in the American Union.

3. In the 1930s, the now defunct ___ ____ company did something for the first time in the history of stock options. It issued an IPO and then gave its share underwriters the option of selling additional shares in a registered securities setting. The option could vary in size upto 15% of the original IPO. Since that time, an "over-allotment option" similar to this has been called ____ ____ in the name of the company that first did this. What?

#Gree Shoe Company - hence the term Green Shoe option

4. California/Chicago smile, Kensington kiss, Russian mouthwash – all these are euphemistic terms for this gruesome act. It was however made famous in a radical movie in the late 90s in which the protagonist is jailed after killing someone after committing the act. What is the more generic term for this act?

#Curb Stomping - Edward Norton, American History X

5. Referred originally as "Kondhana" fort, it was considered impregnable due to its location atop steep cliffs. Legend has it that one of Shivaji’s bravest warriors, Tanaji Malusare scaled the walls of this fort at midnight and helped other troops enter the fort. The resultant battle with the Mughals claimed Tanaji’s life but secured the fort for Shivaji. On hearing about Tanaji’s death, Shivaji is purported to have remarked(in Marathi): "Gadh aala pan _____ ghela" meaning "The fort is won, but the ___ is lost". This prompted renaming the fort to the name it is known with today.

#Sinhagadh - fort near Pune. Tanaji was famously called Sinha(The Lion)

6. Prior to the beginning of this year's (2007) Masters’ Tennis Cup at Shanghai, the organisers decided to honour the 8 top players in a unique but traditionally Chinese fashion. The honour is traditionally reserved for Qin dynasty legends and has now been transported to the Wimbledon tennis museum in London for display. What was this special honour?

#Lifesize terracotta sculptures were made of each player.

7. Connect the following pics. 0.5 bonus for linking each pic correctlywith the final connect.
Pic 1 is from a tourist attraction.
Pic 2 - the man is unimportant. His communication equipment is the key.
Pic 3 - someone from WW1.

#The connection is Snoopy from the cartoon strip - Peanuts
#Pic 1 is from the Charles Schulz Museum
#Pic 2 is an astronaut's communication equipment cap popularly called "The Snoopy Cap" because it resembles Snoopy's cap.
#Pic3 is The Red Baron - German flying ace from WW1. He is the arch rival of Snoopy's alter-ego The Flying Ace.

8. One of those Satanic delights for a quizmaster - you know it or don't.
This word was first coined in a 416 B.C. comedic play "The Birds" by Aristophanes. The comedy involves two Athenians Pisthetaerus and Eulpides, both of whom fed up with corruption in the city turn into birds and immediately plan a city in the clouds named _______. While their city never comes into being, one of the characters tells them they are crazy to see shapes in the clouds. So literally speaking this term means "cloud cuckooland" or "Cloudcuckoosville". In today’s world, the term has come to mean nonsensical cloud watching: to look for changing shapes and transformations in clouds.


9. Kopi Luwak is one of Indonesia’s exotic exports and sells for $300 - $500 per pound with Japan and USA being the primary consumer. However supply is so limited that no more than 1000 pounds are available at a given time. A SARS epidemic threatened this export briefly but consumers swear by the earthiness and body of the export. What is Kopi Luwak?

#Kopi Luwak is a form of coffee - processed coffee beans excreted by the Asian Civet.

10. Connect the pics.

Pic 1 is a mortar pestle. No, seriously.
Pic 2 is the man. No clues required I hope.
Pic 3 is the key.

#Connect is Iwo Jima - the famous battle of WWII.
Pic 1 is a Japanese mortar pestle - called Suribachi in Japanese. Hence the name Mount Suribachi to the mountain on Iwo Jima.
Pic 2 is John Wayne - who acted in Sands of Iwo Jima.
Pic 3 is the island Iwo Jima on the map

11. Refers to contemporary American television:
The ___ effect refers to the ability of this television personality to translate public opinion in his favour and motivate teenagers to take up inane activities in national interest. Among the activities he has encouraged are voting to name a bridge over the river Danube,Hungary after him, wearing a Wristband and passing it on to someone famous and entering the Presidential Race just for kicks.

#The Colbert(pronounced "Col-bear" as he would want it) effect, after Stephen Colbert.

12. In the 1920s, Listerine was launched as a mouthwash brand to an American society that did not consider bad breath a worry. At the same time, scientific thinking was gaining ground in America. Listerine was launched to an ingenious advertising campaign that made the product a permanent success. What was special about the campaign?

#Listerine's ad campaign created the faux term "Chronic Halitosis" for bad breath, a term that has since come into vogue.

13. Question open to all but davenchit
In one passage, the description is such :
"My somewhat extravagant imagination yielded simultaneous pictures of an octopus, a dragon and a human caricature… A pulpy tentacled head surmounted a grotesque and scaly body with rudimentary wings."

Elsewhere, the description is more graphic:
"..of vaguely anthropoid outline, but with an octopus-like head whose face was a mass of feelers, a scaly, rubbery-looking body, prodigious claws on hind and fore feet, and long narrow wings behind. This thing, which seemed instinct with a fearsome and unnatural malignancy, was of a somewhat bloated corpulence"

Who or what?

#Cthulhu from HP Lovecraft's "The Call of Cthulhu"

14. In the 1920s, this term gained acceptance in being used to describe "a family of cocktails, usually with a larger proportion of non-alcoholic beverages." One origin of the term could be from a combination of 2 words - ___ meaning "a drink of whiskey" and ___ because it is served in a tall glass. The more popular origin is from railroad practice where this term was used by signal engineers to tell engine drivers to proceed at full speed – the practice being of raising a metal sphere on a tall pole.


15. Also known as the Agastya Falls, these waterfalls are 42 kms near Tirunelveli and formed by the Thamizhaparani river. Legend has it that a boy and girl, originally brother and sister, got separated in childhood and met each other after many years. They fell in love and got married without realizing that they were siblings. On finding later that they were siblings, they wished to absolve themselves of this sin, were advised to wear black bathe in all sacred rivers until their clothes turned white. The spot where the temple stands near the falls marks the spot where the couple were absolved. How are the falls better known?

#Pappanassam Falls.

16. Mark Callaway was originally born in Houston, Texas in 1962 but claims to hail from Death Valley, California. As a kid, he was good at basketball until a crippling leg injury forced him to change careers. Mark loves boxing, heavy metal music, invests in real estate and appeared in Bollywood movies, but that is when he is not driven by supernatural forces and claiming to be invincible.

#The Undertaker from World Wrestling Federation/Entertainment.

17. A symptom of the 1960s British counterculture, this term is used synonymously for the particular type of motorbikers and the bikes. Groups such as the Rockers or the Ton Up Club aspired for fast, personalised distinctive bikes to travel between __ __ on the new motorways in England. Many such bikers would take their stripped down but powerful Norton and Bonnevilles and attempt speeds of 100 miles per hour - commonly called the Ton. An interesting modification of this hobby was to complete a to-and-fro journey between two ___ before a selected song finished on the jukebox. What term?

#Cafe Racers. (Blank 1 reads Motor Cafes and Blank 2 Cafes)

18. A process indigenous to South India being decribed briefly below.
The gada is washed overnight in sheep dung cool water and is then beaten to remove impurities – the process being repeated for two days. The gada is then treated with a myrobalam(resin) mixture in buffalo milk. A bamboo pen 4-6 inches in length is crafted, the bamboo deriving its colour from a reservoir that is not allowed to dry. Kasimi – the black dye is made from rusted iron pieces and sugarcane jaggery while Chavalkodi – the red/maroon dyes come from an alum powder solution. Various effects are then obtained with cowdung, seeds, plants and crushed flowers.

The popular name for this process.

#Kalamkari - cloth artwork indigenous to Andhra Pradesh.

19. A certain physicist who published his paper "Transgressing the Boundaries : Toward a Transformative Hermeneutics of Quantum Gravity" in the 1996 issue of Social Text analyzes parts of his article. In his own words:

"In the second paragraph I declare, without the slightest evidence or argument, that physical reality is at bottom a social construct..Throughout the article, I employ scientific and mathematical concepts that few scientists or mathematicians could possibly take seriously. I suggest connections that are pure invention."

This incident(and hence the man's name) has become synonymous with analyzing the credibility of writings - scientific and otherwise. Who?

#Alan Sokal, who since has popularized the term Sokal Affair.

20. After the partition of India, around 100,000 refugees migrated to India from the province of Sindh in newly created West Pakistan. These refugees were relocated to deserted military camps 5 kms from Kalyan, Maharashtra. The area was converted into a township in 1949 and renamed by the then Governor-general of India C. Rajagopalachari. For a good part of the 70s and 80s this area flourished economically and later became infamous for inter-gang rivalry and violence. Popular name for this place.

#Ulhasnagar which popularly marketed goods under the association - Ulhasnagar Sindhi Association (USA) of Made in USA fame.

Bonus Qn:
Connect the soundtracks of the following movies:
Almost Famous, One Day in September, School of Rock, Dogtown, Z-boys, Shrek-3

#The only movies to officially feature Led Zeppelin songs in their sound track.

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Thanks for the response.
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