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JAQ - Answers

Okay, am late. Here go the answers after people have prodded, elbowed and come close to killing me so I post them. 

1.Heston Blumenthal, the owner of this restaurant and a molecular gastronomy student, believes in human food tastes being defined both by psychologoical and physiological processes. Keeping with this, the restaurant menu attempts to mould human tastes with dishes such as "sardine on toast sorbet" and "salmon poached with liquorice". Quite unsurprisingly the a-la carte menu costs £80 per person and the tasting menu costs £115 per person, excluding wine and an optional 12.5% service charge in keeping with the place's reputation. Which restaurant?

#The Fat Duck at Berkshire, England. Voted the world's best restaurant in 2005.

2.Story behind this book's cover: The cover depicts a woman’s ghost-like face looking over the city in a strange way, observing intently but remaining detached from the immoral and careless actions of the people living below. The cover designer wasn’t quite sure if the jacket was right for the book and after giving the author a preliminary sketch of it, toyed with the idea of scrapping it completely. Mesmerized by the cover by now, the author, in a 1934 letter to the designer, wrote: “For Christ’s sake, don’t give anyone that jacket you’re saving for me. I’ve written it into the book.” The cover found its place in the book when Nick kissed Jordan, “ the girl whose disembodied face floated along dark cornices and blinding signs". Which book?

#The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald.

3.Created by Doug Hollis in 1982, this is a public art work adjacent to Magnuson Park in Seattle, Washington. The sculpture is a mass of metal tubes on a weathervane like apparatus that catch the wind and moan eerily. The sculpture stayed a local attraction until a band from the area took its name from the sculpture and made it a popular hangout for music enthusiasts. Name the sculpture/band ?


4. When Jaikumar Pathare and L Jaipal Reddy, two electrical engineers left their jobs with the Maharashtra State Electricity Board, they did not know where to start. A survey of the sector they chose revealed only 2-3 competitors. A massive ad campaign followed headed by Dalip Tahil rescuing a maiden in distress as wide-eyed men and women looked on. The company briefly introduced a lesser known executive line with the name Blue Chip before discontinuing it. 30 years later, the brand that began it all keeps their firm afloat. What brand?

#VIP - the underwear brand.

5.The "Titty Twister" pub stands near the border of Mexico on top of an ancient Aztec temple, presumably the home of the umentionables for centuries. The main exotic dancer at the pub Santanico Pandemonium appears and begins her show. Seth and Richie get into a fight at the pub and Richie injures his hand in the fight. Upon seeing Richie's blood soaked hand, Santanico morphs into a horrible creature, jumps on Richie's back and sinks her fangs into his neck. The night has just begun....Richie and Seth were played by two unlikely "stars" in this movie. Name the movie and the lead stars.

# From Dusk 'til Dawn. Quentin Tarantino and George Clooney played Richie and Seth respectively.

6.___ is a poorly understood medical phenomenon where the patient experiences symptoms such as indigestion, increased or decreased appetite, weight gain, diarrhea or constipation, headache, and toothache. It is seen as an expression of somatized anxiety, pseudo-sibling rivalry and a sign of male envy. In some cases, the patient may develop nausea, breast augmentation and food cravings. What are we talking about?

#Sympathetic Pregnancy/Male pregnancy.
*Question inspired by an episode of House,M.D. - probably the best TV series I've watched in a while*

7.In 2006, Disney released the movie "Glory Road" chronicling events leading up to what is considered the most defining basketball game in NCAA history - the 1966 NCAA finals. Soon after, Texas A&M University, asked for an apology from Disney for wrongly portraying events in the film. Scenes in the film prompted the Texas state senate to pass a low allowing financial assistance to be withheld for films portraying the state negatively. What events were depicted in the film?

#Racial events were improperly represented in the movie.
In 1966, Don Haskins, coach for Texas Western College introduced the first ever all-black player lineup in NCAA finals history. En-route to the finals, Texas Western played East Texas State(TAMU now) and the movie depicted racial abuse of Texas Western's black players by TAMU fans which was later verified to have not occured.

8.Its chemical name is monosodium glutamate or 2-aminopentanedioic acid under the IUPAC nomenclature. It was first marketed in Japan in 1909, later being patented by Kikunae Ikeda. In 2001, it was at the center of a controversy in Muslim dominated Indonesia, when it was discovered to have a pork-based enzyme in its production. Common side-effects of consuming this include headaches, chest pains, facial pressure, burning sensations, and sweating -sometimes popularly referred to as the Chinese Restaurant Syndrome. Which ingredient?


9. Widely being thrown around in Twenty20 cricket these days, this term refers to the region between a widish long-on and midwicket. The term apparently originated at a Dulwich college game, where batsmen rarely hit the ball in this area, prompting it to be used for grazing livestock. What term is this?

#Cow Corner.

10. What is common to the following characters:
>Dieter, a bored, disaffected West German expressionist and minimalist who would interview celebrities in whom he was barely interested and always bring the discussion around to his "limited" monkey Klaus ;
>Linda Richman, a stereotypical Jewish middle-aged woman who frequently goes into pseudo-Yiddish rants using terms like "sphilkes in my geneckteckessoink"
>Donald Q. Cashington, Jr. III, an eccentric billionaire who requests buying the rights to name autism after himself

# All of them were characters created/played by Mike Myers.


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Thanks for the response.
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