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Movie quiz - Answers

1. “With great power there must also come great responsibility”. A minor variant of this now famous quote first appeared in Amazing Fantasy #15, Aug 1962 – the first Spider-man story. It also appeared in the 2002 movie version. This quote was also used in a novella published in 1976, but was omitted from its film version in 1999. Name the novella / film

## The Bicentennial Man, by Isaac Asimov

2. The producer wanted to make this movie 30 years before it was actually made. The story is based on a Leo McCarey movie, Make Way for Tomorrow, which in turn was based on a Josephine Lawrence novel titled The Years Are So Long. The McCarey movie was described by Orson Welles as a film that could make a stone cry. Jean Renoir said it proved McCarey was one of the few directors who really understood people. Name the film that finally came out in 2003.

## Baghban

3. Barry Fitzgerald won the Best Supporting Actor Oscar in 1944, for Going My Way. Due to the wartime metal shortage, he was (along with the other Oscar winners of the WWII era) given a plaster Oscar. He accidentally decapitated it with a golf ball while practicing putting in his living room. However, that is not the reason why Barry Fitzgerald features in this quiz. What unique Oscar record does he hold?

## Only person nominated for both Best Actor as well as Best Supporting Actor for the same role. Current rules prevent this from happening again.

4. Beneath the Valley of the Ultra-Vixens! was the last film from independent film-maker and producer Russ Meyer. This sex comedy starred Kitten Natividad and was basically a guided tour of Smalltown USA. The writing credits have 'R Hyde' as one of the script writers. Meyer and Hyde also worked together in the Sex Pistol's film Who Killed Bambi as well as for another cult classic. How is R Hyde better known to us?

## The movie critic Roger Ebert

5. The original title for this film was The Loners. The producer and co-writer had this to say about the new name: “____ is a Southern term for a whore’s old man. Not a pimp but the dude who lives with the chick. Because he’s got __ _____ . Well, that’s what’s happening to America, man. Liberty’s become a whore and we’re all taking the ___ __." Name the film.

## Easy Rider

6. If the following were called the Hollywood Ten, who was the eleventh? Elaborate.

1. Alvah Bessie, screenwriter

2. Herbert Biberman, screenwriter and director

3. Lester Cole, screenwriter

4. Edward Dmytryk, director

5. Ring Lardner Jr., screenwriter

6. John Howard Lawson, screenwriter

7. Albert Maltz, screenwriter

8. Samuel Ornitz, screenwriter

9. Adrian Scott, producer and screenwriter

10. Dalton Trumbo, screenwriter

## Bertolt Brecht. The ten were the people who refused to answer the question, "Are you now or have you ever been a member of the communist party?". Brecht initially refused to answer, along with the others, but ultimately did.

7. Tad Danielewski (1921-1993) served in the Polish Underground during World War II and eventually ended up in a concentration camp. After the war, he studied at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in London and started the Professional Actors Workshop in New York, whose students included Martin Sheen, James Earl Jones, and Mercedes Ruehl. He is the father of musician Poe and writer Mark Z Danielewski. Name the 1965 movie he directed, working with a screenplay from a famous author and based on a book by another famous author.

## The Guide

Since I'm too lazy to put up images, the connect questions below are dry, making it much simpler. I guess.

8. Connect Tyrone Power, Douglas Fairbanks Sr, Navin Nischol and Anthony Hopkins

## All played Zorro.

9. Connect Marion Davies, William Hearst, Charles Chaplin, Thomas Ince and a movie called The Cat's Meow.

## Long one. Willieam Hearst threw a party on his boat and invited Chaplin and Ince, apart from his mistress Davies. Official reports had it that Ince had a heart attack on the yacht but Hollywood rumours have it that Hearst accidentaly killed Ince. Hearst suspected Chaplin of having an affair with Marion Davies and tried to kill him. Ince got in the way and died. This story was told to Peter Bogdanovich, who made the movie The Cat's Meow based on this story.

10. Connect A Star is Born, Anari, Dor and Chemmeen.

## Hrishikesh Mukherjee. Abhiman was based on A Star is Born, Anari was directed by him, Dor was dedicated to him and he edited Chemmeen.


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