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Answers and Scores to the Movie Quiz

1. UNESCO’s Memory of the World Programme is an international initiative launched in 1992 in order to guard against collective amnesia, calling upon the preservation of valuable archive holdings and library collections all over the world, thereby ensuring their wide dissemination. The only movies that belong to this programme are the Lumiere films, Louis Bunuel’s Los Olvidados and this sci-fi classic. Which?

## Fritz Lang's Metropolis

2. The Museum of Modern Art in Oxford includes a series of looped montages by Christoph Girardet and Matthias Muller, entitled 'The Phoenix Tapes'. These are basically objects and actions that we have come to associate with this particular film personality.

One loop rifles through the following images: name cards, tiepins, monograms, letters, keys, locks, drains, the colour red, spots, basins, washing, haircutting, hair-burning, fires, matchboxes, race cards, addresses, newspapers, music scores, telephone directories, phones, papers against a door, doorknobs, hands, cups, breakages, spills, rings on fingers, rosaries, handcuffs, bags, purses, guns, drawers, knives, forks and back to name cards.

Which film personality was being honoured thus?

## Alfred Hitchcock, of course.

3. His father had moved to Dar-es-Salam in 1930. He stayed in Tanzania till 1967, working with Barclay’s Bank. En route to London, he visited his sister, the singer Kamal. He stayed in Mumbai and got involved in film making. Was an assistant to director Manoj Kumar. Directed and released his only Hindi film in 1978, which went on to become a cult classic. Who?

## Chandra Barot, who directed the original Don.

4. This dark comedy made by Sidney Lumet in 1982 contained a scene in which fading Broadway playwright Sidney Bruhl (played by Michael Caine) passionately kissed an ex-student and fledgling writer. The producers later stated that this was a $10 million kiss - the amount of revenue lost as negative publicity. Whom did Caine kiss?

## Christoper Reeve. Sorry for the spoiler.

5. Identify the movie from the following quote:

The Godfather is the I Ching. The Godfather is the sum of all wisdom. The Godfather is the answer to any question. What should I pack for my summer vacation? "Leave the gun, take the cannoli." What day of the week is it? "Maunday, Tuesday, Thursday, Wednesday."

And the answer to your question is "Go to the mattresses“. You're at war. "It's not personal, it's business. It's not personal it's business." Recite that to yourself every time you feel you're losing your nerve. I know you worry about being brave, this is your chance. Fight. Fight to the death.

## You've Got Mail

6. He was born to Asimbala and Boltok on July 30, 1972. Has a sister named Natalya and a mentally disabled brother, Bilo. Has three children - Bilak, Biram and Hooeylewis, his favourite. Was married to Oskana, who died in 2002, killed by a bear. Who?

## Borat Sagdiyev

7. The 2006 film Casino Royale replaces the high-stakes casino game of Baccarat / Chemin de Fer from the novel, with the modern high-stakes card game of Texas Hold’Em. What would you call a hand with a pair of eights, in Texas Hold’Em?

## Octopussy. A Dead Man's Hand has a couple of Aces in them, too. And that answer doesn't explain the question in a movie quiz.

8. Govindaraju Gangaraju had a smash hit with his film score in 1987, in which he composed music as well as wrote the lyrics. This movie was the first film of the actor-director as well as the heroine; it established both as major stars, though the heroine went on to act in movies made in another language.Govindaraju has now composed music and written lyrics for over 300 movies. What name do we know him by?

## Hamsalekha. The 1987 movie was Premaloka

9. The concept for this film came to the producer when he was watching Kaala Patthar. Not surprisingly, the title of this movie came from one of the songs in Kaala Patthar.
This was the first action movie to be made by the film house in 16 years and went on to become one of the years biggest box office grossers. Identify.

## Dhoom the first.

10. The Hypertonic lens, invented by astronomer Henri Chrétien in 1927, was made use of by Hollywood in 1953. This lens made it possible to compress the image horizontally during filming, and then, by pivoting the image round by 90 degrees, to decompress it for projection. This therefore offered the possibility of doubling the width of the image without truly changing filming and projection apparatus. Name the first film shot using this technique.

## The Robe. The technique is Cinemascope.


kvk: 8
oolan: 4
davenchit: 3
moccacino: 3
iyer_the_gr8: 2
nvivek: 1

I'll put up a few questions from the finals too, in a few days.
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"Was married to Oskana, who died in 2002, killed by a bear."

Osanaka wasn't killed by a bear - she was killed by a hunter who mistook her for a bear as she had too many hair on her back.
Ha ha ha ha, now you've given Madhav an excuse to see the Borat movie again. A great question would simply be what is the full title of the Borat movie? Heheh.
Good. Thanks.