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General Quiz - answers,scores

Thanks for the responses. Answers and scores for the quiz follow.

1. This art piece and its creator courted controversy unintentionally.

In a discussion with his publisher in Chapter IX of Corelli's The Sorrows of Satan (1895), the high-brow writer Geoffrey Tempest proclaims:
"I am one of those who think the fame of ___ as an artist was marred when he degraded himself to the level of painting the little green boy blowing __ ___ ___ __ . That was an advertisement. And that very incident in his career, trifling though it seems, will prevent his ever standing on the same dignified height of distinction with such masters in art as Romney, Sir Peter Lely, Gainsborough, and Reynolds"

There was a violent outpouring in the Press from sections of the artistic community, who protested against what they saw as a debasement of art. The artist himself, however, when he saw the reproduction of the picture ,accepted the situation, although the painting was never intended for such use. What incident does this refer to?

# The painting was Bubbles by John Everett Millais. It was officially copyrighted for advertisement use by the Pears soap company. The blanks above read "...blowing bubbles of Pears soap"

2. The sport's name comes from the combination of South Indian terms meaning "coins" and "a package" which were tied to the horns of the bull as the prize money. Ancient days quote stories of suitors to a bride playing this sport to catch and tame an agitated bull , running amok through the town centre , with no weapons at alL. Other stories quote village folk in Tamil Nadu celebrating the Pongal festival with this sport. What sport?

# Jallikattu. Comes from the Tamil words "kassu" (coins) and "kattu" (package).

3. Among others, based on his interactions with J. Krishnamurti, this man along with the physicists Donald Factor and Peter Garrett proposed a form of conversation that eventually began to be referred with his name. In his words:

"It is proposed that a form of free dialogue may well be one of the most effective ways of investigating the crisis which faces society, and indeed the whole of human nature and consciousness today. Moreover, it may turn out that such a form of free exchange of ideas and information is of fundamental relevance for transforming culture and freeing it of destructive misinformation, so that creativity can be liberated."

# David Bohm - on whom the proposed form of conversation is named as Bohmian Dialogue

4.Among his known achievements, this distinguished academic mind overthrew the much-prevalent phlogiston theory of his time. Lesser known claims to fame include serving as a farmer-general and tax-collector wherein he was accused of damaging public health by adding water to tobacco. Convicted and sentenced to death, it is rumoured that he aimed a posthmous shot at scientific fame by instructing his assistant to watch and that he would blink as many times as he could after being executed. It is argued that the assistant counted fifteen to twenty blinks after the head was severed, the blinks coming at intervals of about one second, only re-asserting what a loss the man's death was to science. Who was this man?

# Antoine Lavoisier - who was guillotined during the French Revolution

5.Identify the organisation to which this logo belongs

# Lok Paritrana - the political party floated by IIT graduates.

6. In his landmark work of English literature, this author employed a relatively new device of story-telling involving many characters gathered together, each narrating stories. The idea, however, was not new in its time, considering that an Italian poet and contemporary of the author in question had already written a work consisting of a collection of 100 tales told by a group of 10 people who had fled from the plague in Italy. The author in question was to draw further inspiration for his various works from the Italian poet. Who were the author and the Italian poet?

# Geoffrey Chaucer and his work Canterbury Tales - which was inspired by Giovanni Boccacio's work Decameron

7. The story began in the city of Apolda, located in the state of Thuringia, Germany. Louis was reputed to be a tax collector in this area, and since he carried money on his person, he wanted an animal for self protection. His ultimate aim was to possess one that was of average build, so that it could be intimidating to intruders or robbers. The animal would also possess a short, smooth coat would be easy to care for, with a minimum of grooming,would have to have great stamina, be intelligent, and display alertness, and even aggression. The Beauceron contributed size and colour; the Manchester contributed the tan coloration and the short,shiny coat; the Rotweiller contributed massiveness and intelligence. Lastly the only available German breed contributed the temparament for the animal. What resulted?

# Louis Doberman on whom the Doberman Pinscher breed is named.

8.In 1895 Václav Laurin, a mechanic, and Václav Klement, a bookkeeper, both enthusiastic bikers, take up making their own bicycles. After WWI they begin producing trucks, but in 1924, after running into problems and being hit by a fire, the company seeks a partner to merge with. During WWII German occupation turns the company works into part of Hermann Göring Werke serving the war effort. Despite the post-war impact on the social system and economic state of the country, the company continues to churn out new models such as the Tudor and Spartak. After 1987 economic changes in the country enable the company's cooperation with VW Konzern, thus making the company take a distinguished place with VW,Audi and Seat as the Konzern's fourth brand at that time. Which company?

# Skoda

9. One of the earliest use of this word came during WWII. Airplane equipment performed more accurately when flying on board the aircraft, and less well on ground. Engineers realized that the vibration from the aircraft reduced the error from sticky moving parts. Small vibrating motors were built into the equipment, and this term was used to denote their vibration ,inspired from the Middle English verb which meant 'to tremble'. Modern dictionaries define this as 'a highly nervous, confused, or agitated state.' Digital audio texts usually advise a bit of this (word) to induce "good noise" that successfully makes a digitization system a little more analog. What word?

# Dither coming from the Middle English word "didderen" which means "to tremble"

10. Excerpts from an article:

"They were flirting with the idea of forming a band. X, Jeff Beck, Keith Moon and John Entwistle (drummer and bassist from the Who). However, X understood that working with them would only prove a liability. While flirting with the idea of forming a band, Keith joked , "It would probably go over like a __ __ . Keith was right and the band never formed. However, the phrase stayed with X ; it afforded a further example of contrasts between hard and light things."

Fill in the blanks.

# Le(a)d Zeppelin, as so many of you guessed.X was Jimmy Page

Bonus Question:
He was born on the 29th of September to an impoverished apothecary-surgeon. Being a contemporary of Shakespeare did not help and he went on to become a soldier in 1570, fighting in the battle of Lepanto. In 1575, while returning from Italy, he was captured and held captive for 5 years, based on the amusing misconception of his captors, who thought he was a wealthy official related to the Duke of Alba. Returning home, he fulfilled several responsibilities as a tax-collector and purchasing agent, often slipping into bankruptcy and being jailed for confiscation of official supplies. The idea of writing occured to him in a prison at Argamassala as he hoped to crush the prevailing mores of romantic and cloying literature of his time. In death, he shared the same day as Shakespeare, and his name was immortalized in the anagram "Gave us a damned clever satire". Who?

# Miguel De Cervantes. The anagram is rearranged to give "Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra".


wisecandyman 7
just__one__fix 5.5 [0.5 for q 6]
thereprobate 6
manual_kunt 4.5
annacoder 3
oooky 3.5
meshugah12 6 [0.5 each for qns 1 and 6]
davenchit 6
oldhen 4.5 [0.5 for the decameron]
toad_the_little 7.5
Latish V. 6

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Dude thanx for such a wonderful quiz..Not that it is of a grave consequence but I guess my score should be closer to 8 than the measly 6 you ve put up...
anyways..keep up the gr8 work!!

nd my name's spelt
Not that this matters mate but your score is still 6 - you had guessed Skoda or BMW - I did not award partial points considering we needed a final answer there.

For question 10, you were right with Jimmy Page, but the answer to the question was "Le(a)d Zeppelin".

The bonus question was just for one gets points on that one.

Thanks for taking the quiz.
the answer to the question was "Le(a)d Zeppelin".

I'd never have guessed.
now is that why you did not take the quiz,sire?:)