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A community for quiz enthusiasts. Rules, or what passes for rules:

1. Anyone can join, membership is open.

2. Posting access is restricted. If you want to post a quiz, first become a member! After that, please drop a comment here.

3. You can respond to a quiz by entering your answers as comments. They will be screened by default and unscreened when the quiz is deemed complete.

4. Winners don't get any prizes, they don't get fancy banners to display on their site. The top 10 rankings will be published on this page, though.

5. We can't stop anyone from googling for answers. However doing this is highly frowned upon and considered very lame. So there!

6. The typical duration of a quiz is 4 days to a week.

7. Please avoid posting a quiz when there's another currently open. ie., please wait till the answers for a quiz are given out before posting your quiz.

8. Scores should be normalized to 10. You could set a quiz with say 20 questions, but when you give the scores, please make sure the max is 10. Each right answer would get half a point in this case.

9. madhav is the moderator of this community.

Top 10 Rankings as of July 18, 2006:

1 porcorosso
2 davenchit
3 Dhananjay
4 madhav
5 just__one__fix
6 jayasankarvs
7 mrsgollum
8 moccacino
9 manubhardwaj
10 rocknroll04