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Answers- A year end sports quiz

1. Rahul Dravid, apart from playing for India, went on and played some invitational matches for Scotland. Mark and Steve Waugh have also played for another national team. Which one?
Ans. Ireland

2. V. Royle, F. Emmeet and T. Mackinnon of England were the part of a hat trick. Who was the bowler and what started hence?
Ans. Slight error in the phrasing, the funda is that this was the first ever Hat Trick, and this spell as a whole, started the Ashes

3. This term traces its origin to a opera by French composer Edmond Audran, who was a unknown entity till he churned this production out in 1880. The plotline revolves around a farmgirl who would bring good luck to whoever had posession of her, provided that she stayed a virgin. The term has become integral to sports and sporting events. what?
Ans. The opera was El Mascote, and the term is the Mascot

4. This has been a demonstration sport at the Mexico games of 1968, and in Barcelona 92. It is believed that London may also join the fray in 2012. Various forms of this are available all over the world. Mainly available in Basque and Valencian variations, they both differ in whether a wall or fellow players are used. What sport?
Ans. Pelote, or Pelota

5. Douglas Kirkpatrick, of the US Air Force quipped, "____ _____ has overcome the acceleration of the earth's gravity by the use of muscle power in the vertical plane, thus producing a low altitude earth orbit". Who?

Ans. Michael Jordan

6. The world champion in this sport gets to wear a wide rope, as do other competitors, depending upon their ranks. The rope's weight can go as high as 20 kgs. what title comes from this practice?

Ans. Yokozuna, means wide rope

7. As a 17 year old from Kandarpur in Orissa, he would get up in the morning to travel to Cuttack to oil Six kilometers of track and even do the hazardous task of checking the wiring. Later on in the day, he would do what he does best, and would pick up the ball and run in and bowl his off spinners. His teammates included fringe players like Murali Kartik, JP Yadav and Sanjay Bangar. They also had to lead a similar life of struggle. However, they won the Ranji in 2002 and thus some measure of redemption was achieved. He has also been a prominent member of India A and the Board President's teams. Who?

Ans. the least answered question, only one or two people got this one, Shows how brilliant our domestic cricket is.
The Answer is Kulamani Parids

8. As we have Siddhuisms, there is another school of sayings called _____. Examples include "It ain't over 'till it's over!". "It's Dejavu all over again!". He is believed to have inspired a cartoon character. Who?
Ans Yogiisms
Yogi Berra

9. Sir C. Aubrey Smith started this is 1946. He had become a major star in the US and wanted to start a cricket club. Notable ex players include PG Wodehouse, Boris Karloff, Sir Laurence Olivier, Cary Grant and even Ajay Jadeja. What did he start?
Ans. Hollywood cricket club

10. Born and raised in Mallorca, he comes from a family of sportsmen. His uncle, Miguel Angel was a defender for the Spanish football team, and was nicknamed 'El Carnicero or the butcher for his methods. Another one of his uncles, taught him how to play left handed and acts as his coach. Known for a fondness for pirate pants and playstation, he has risen to be one of the best in the world. Who?
Ans Rafael Nadal

11. What became a permanent feature of the American sports calendar in 1905 after the New York Giants refused to play the Boston Red Sox the previous year?
Ans. the world series of baseball

12. Dr. Robert Cade and Dr.Dana Shires at the university of Florida in 1966 and named it after the university's football team. In 1967, the team upstaged all comers to lead a remarkable recovery to win the Orange Bowl title. When the coach of the runners-up, Georgia Tech was asked why they had lost, he quipped. "We didn't have ______. That made the difference. What?
Ans. Gatorade

13. For the 2012 Olympics, which athlete campaigned for the bids of Paris and New York both?
Ans. Lance Armstrong

14. This governing body was founded on July 24, 1924, yet, remained hapless till 1946 until the death of the ‘official’ world champion. Its motto is Gens una sumus, meaning "We are one people". What?
Ans FIDE, Alekhein was the man

15. The cathedral bell of the church at Emila-Romagna in Italy is rung on a special occasion apart from the usual business of the church. When?
Ans. whenever Ferrari wins a Grand Prix, the town is the birth place of Enzo Ferrari

16. England and Scotland play a lot of Rugby matches. However, when they play in the Six Nations, they also contest a particular trophy. The first match for this was played at Raeburn Place, Edinburgh, on 10 March 1879 and ended in a draw; Scotland scored a drop goal and England a goal. As of 2006, 113 matches for this have taken place. What?
Ans. Calcutta cup

17. King James II decreed that both ‘Fute-ball and Golfe be utterly cryed downe’ in 1457. It was believed that these two sports had a direct bearing on another sport, which at the time was integral to the Scottish Culture. Which sport?
Ans. Archery

18. This game is mentioned by Firdausi in Shahnama. Various sources of origin are believed, with the Guinness book claiming that the sport started in Manipur from where is spread out west. A verse is found in Skardu in Pakistan near Kashmir, which was a part of the old Silk Route. It reads-

"Let other people play at other things—
the King of Games is still the Game of Kings"
Ans. Polo

19. James Butler ‘Wild Bill’ Hickok, was a US Civil war soldier for the Union Army. Later on, he became a law enforcer and a gunfighter, and is still a cult wild west hero. On Aug 2, 1876, he was playing Poker at Nuttal and Man’s Saloon no. 10 in Deadwood. After looking for his favorite corner seat went in vain, he decided to sit with his back to the door. He had a pair of aces, and a pair of eights, all black cards. The series of events which followed have given a name to this set of cards. What?
Ans. He was shot in the back of the head and the set came to be called as a dead man's hand

20. Vijay Amritraj was famously the ‘A’ of the ‘ABC’. He didn’t however, live up to his early promise. He also starred in the Bond film ‘Octopussy’, where he plays ‘Vijay’. He uses a tennis racket to stop some bad guys, and utters something. What words does he utter?

ans. game set and match

Mrsgollum (navin)-5
iyer_the_gr8 - 10 with one google, atleast the man is honest enough to admit, so full points to him
Jay (jayasankarvs)-8, sexy answer on the last question, Dharam garam would have been proud of u
Vivek Nallur (nvivek)-3, a bonus point for adding his Airness to MJ

Meshughah12- the first to respond, and as it turns out, the best, wins it with 14.
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Outstanding. I don't have a clue about sports, but I enjoyed how the questions and answers were constructed.
thanx a lot.wish u had taken the quiz.

Howz the big maaan Ktulu doin??
>wish u had taken the quiz.

No time, dude. Bloody deregulation has majorly stressed me out.

As for Great Cthulhu [note spelling, lest you be messily devoured], he dreams in the city of Rl'yeh, waiting for the stars to be in alignment. Speaking of which, have you read I, Cthulhu by Neil Gaiman? Hilarious.
Har,har. Some answers are pretty revealing.
elaborate the revealing part if u may