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AURORA- open quiz at IIT DELHI by me on 10 Dec 2006


Attention all quizzophiles!

This is to inform you that Kutub_Quizzers Open Circuit in Delhi is organizing a quiz which shall focus on whatever remotely stimulates the grey cells of a quizzer.

The Rules

1. That there are no rules in particular
2. On the Spot registration
3. Three members per team
4. School/ College/ Corporate/ Mixed teams in any combination/permutation permitted
5. In fact, mixed teams encouraged

The Venue


The time
Prelims(written)- 1330 h ( 1.30 pm)

The Date – 10 Dec 2006 (Sunday)

Finals (tentatively) – 1445-1500h (2.45 pm – 3 p.m)

The Quizmaster – The one they call the MESHUGAH, Major (Dr) Brijesh Nair.

Tentative Duration – 12 rounder finals.

So be there, one and all, whomsoever is interested in the eclectic mindgame of QUIZ!

Contact Numbers

Brijesh Nair – 09888816405
S. Bhattacharya - 09871335718

Regards, Brijesh.
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Hope the questions are well-researched.
Dont u worry, my friend...

I have been doing quizzes since last 10 yrs..

And live quizzes are a different cup of tea..

And have hosted quite a bit..
And if u have doubts about the research part, contact the reigning mastermind, whom I have competed against with flying colors and who has sat through many of my stage quizzes..

Rest assured, I am not a nincompoop as u have been trying to portray..

Bye..That I feel should answer your doubts

And if one question whose source has not been verified is the criteria for judgement on this group, I think I should post them in places where my efforts are better appreciated.

The only reason I am posting questions on this group is for me to go through my archives of questions....And most of the times I don't refer to the net, I mean Wikipedia, which is the easy one stop shop for data...Data which many times you have to take with a pinch of salt...And I don't get bogged down by a single titbit of meme...

And let's refrain from giving sarcastic comments..

If I get feedback from the members of this group that the questions are bad, not upto the mark, then I will stop...

Coz my questions have been appreciated by many Leviathans of Indian Quizzing.. names and people whom You won't know...Or care to know..

Not that I would be coming, but please make the address more clear. There's no such place in IIT Delhi as Lecture Theatre 1. There's II LT 1 and there's III LT 1 and then there's IV LT 1. I suppose you mean II LT-1. Better info would help the people from outside the college who turn up that day in asking for directions. All the best! It's nice that Kutub Quizzers is trying to rev up the quizzing scene in Delhi.
i meant 2LT II...The myriad LT Icame to know only when i reached there.

Are u an EX-dilli Quizzer?