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I had posted answers as a comment...So redoing it as a msg

1. According to Garuda Purana, there are 84 lakhs of these, out of which 21 are more dreadful than the others, and the most heinous specimens are seen here...What am I talking about here?

Hells----It is true in Kaliyug also.

2. Which comparative failure in the recent soccer World cup (rather his best night came in a relatively immaterial match) has a name which in his native lingo means 'Pig Climber'?

Bastian Schweinsteiger

3. Arent de Peyster,a sailor sighted this island in 1819. He was sailing on his ship 'Rebecca'. He named it after Edward Ellice, a British politician and merchant. This country changed its name and got independence from Kiribati, which itself has been renamed of late. Name the island country.

Tuvalu ( Ellice Isles) of the .tv domain name fame

4. Which cult literary personality created a cocktail called Hangman's Blood whose ingredients are gin, whiskey, rum, port wine, brandy, stout and champagne?

Anthony Burgess

5. If the Ranji trophy is trophy for seniors, Vijay Merchant trophy is for Under 17s, then what is for the Under 15s?

Polly Umrigar…And believe me, he was very much alive when I set this question…Prescient me!

6. Which foreign diplomat with a prominent India connection coined the terms "Corporate Scandal" and "Conspicuous Consumption"?

The author of Affluent Society JK Galbraith

7. When General Motors launches a model in Europe under the subsidiary Opel, the same auto models are released in America under which badge?
Not answered…surprise, it’s the Vauxhall….Vectra, Corsa, Astra, et al.

8. One on etymology, This word was first used to describe compositions set to choir music of the church. It derives itself from the Greek 'antiphonos' meaning verse response. Later through latin it got to present situation. Which word?

Anthem…a few correct ones there!

The answers have dried up..
So here goeth!!!


PUN 23 – 3 **(nice one on hells)……..DOS
DAVENCHIT – 1 (Galbraith)
LOCKS – 1(hells fetches u mark)
JAYASANKAR – 2 (Galbraith & Anthem are ok)….Thorsten Veblein???? My data sayeth Galbraith…
FIERY FIONA – Thanx 4 tryin
LATHISH V – 4****- Good Show!-----NUMERO UNO

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Critiques, eh?

4 was vague. Pure trivia: there are hundreds of alcoholic celebrities. Nothing in your question gave a clue to help us narrow down the list.

7. Why do you imagine anyone who doesn't live in those geographies would know this? Why should we care?

8. Anyone with a modicum of musical knowledge would guess canon rather than anthem. Again, it could not be worked out. At all.

>The answers have dried up..

btw, as I understand the policy of this group [<lj user="madhav"] please feel free to correct me], answers, regardless of responses, have to be given within 7-10 days of the initial posting. Not that I'm complaining, I'm next, but I want to do an offline quiz, and am reluctant to reveal the questions. ;) All that said, great quiz. I liked it when I first saw it, and I still like it. btw, if you're still wondering about my identity, just go to the BQC blog. There aren't too many posts about Great Cthulhu there.
I see that. So is a truckload of BQC members going to Pune for Samrat Sen Gupta's BCQC event?
Once we get the truck, yes. but I won't be coming.
Hey I was in Pune..

Now I am in the intellectually unfriendly environs of Punjab, trying to drink a few drops of wisdom from Delhi Opens.
But I see from jayasankarvs's answers that he's worked out anthem rather neatly. So All Is Forgiven. ;)
hmm...i like brickbats more than bouquets
Which is your data for Galbraith? If I remember my Civil Services Sociology correctly, it should be Veblen.

Obituaries in national newspapers...when Galbraith passed away..

okie dokie